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        Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

        • VA Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) Product Development (PD) ePMO

        Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

        • Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS)
        • Veterans Relationship Management (VRM)
        • Office of Business Process Integration (OBPI)
        • Compensation Service (CS)
        • Education Services (ES)
        • Insurance Service (IS)
        • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E)
        • Office Resource Management (ORM)
        • Office of Management
        • Office of Strategic Planning (OSP)
        • Pension & Fiduciary (P&F)

        Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

        • Chief Business Office (CBO), Purchased Care (PC)

        Department of Labor (DOL)

        • Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS)
        • Office of Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OSAM)
        • Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
        • Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP)

        Department of the Interior (DOI)

        • Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)


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